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Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Rosie vs. Trump

This celebrity feud is now a full-blown fight. Rosie and The Donald are set to do battle. What side are you on? Pick a player - then punch, kick, insult and unleash a Secret weapon to defeat your opponent.

Only one giant will be left standing.


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Yes you heard right some how, Ms Hilton has managed to check out on medical grounds. Whilst she is busy checking out, why don't you check out Bagels new game blog. It seems Paris couldn't wait!
The Prison Life game

Crusin with Mel: The game where you get to to Drink, Drive and Drop out.

Ever feel like lashing out? Expressing some buried hatred for Jews, you've continually denied that seem to find expression in your movie making? Abusing Officers of the law? Then this game is for you, dodge the stars of David, and try not to run to many Police officers down, whilst you busily collect more bottles of your favorite tequilla.

More reviews coming soon